China modern Coal Chemical Industry ushered in a major opportunity:the world's first epoxy resin project with coal-based methanol as the source will be a new breakthrough

Time:Jun 30,2022
On April 19, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation held the "Modern Coal Chemical Industry High-end Development Forum and Coal-based Epoxy Resin Industry Chain Development Seminar". The meeting discussed the world's first epoxy resin based on coal-based methanol and the entire downstream industry chain project in Yulin, Shanxi Province, and believed that this project will be a new breakthrough in the field of modern coal chemical industry.
Li Shousheng, President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation; Liu Zhongmin, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Technology; Peng Xiaojun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dalian University of Technology; Ma Xinbin, Dean of the School of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University; Qiu Jieshan, Dean of the School of Chemical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology; Li Junfa, Dean of the Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute, attended the seminar.
Li Shousheng said at the seminar that the current international crude oil price has returned to the level of more than 100 US dollars per barrel eight years ago. Experts predict that the high volatility of international crude oil prices cannot be a short-term phenomenon, but should be a medium-to-long-term platform trend. In order to give full play to the advantages of my country's rich coal resources, ensure China’s energy security and stable growth of the national economy, and firmly grasp the platform period of high crude oil prices, accelerate the layout and development of a number of high-quality, high-level and profitable modern coal chemical projects. , it should be another rare opportunity for the development of my country's modern coal chemical industry.
It is reported that at the beginning of March this year, Yulin's 500,000-ton coal-based low-carbon epoxy resin whole industry chain and new material industrial park project has completed the filing of Shaanxi Province's enterprise investment project, and is expected to start construction in September this year. The project has significant economic benefits. It is estimated that the comprehensive output value of the project will exceed 16.6 billion yuan, and the profit and tax will exceed 3.5 billion yuan. The project will build a whole industrial chain of epoxy resins and downstream applications with coal-based methanol as the source. For the first time, a new generation of methanol to propylene (DMTP) technology and hydrogen peroxide method to produce epichlorohydrin technology will be adopted, and the first set of renewable energy in China will be built. Energy integration fine chemical plant and CO2 capture, storage and comprehensive utilization demonstration plant. After the project is completed, the annual output of epoxy resin can reach 600,000 tons, which will fill the gap of epoxy resin industry in western my country, and it is expected to form an industrial cluster effect of epoxy resin and related new polymer materials in Yulin area. At the same time, it also provides new product paths and innovative ideas for the high-quality development of  China's modern coal chemical industry.
The academicians and experts at the meeting believed that the Shaanxi Yulin coal-based low-carbon epoxy resin project has boldly carried out some major frontier explorations in the innovation of high-end, diversified and low-carbon technologies, which is in line with the direction and just in time. We should build this project into a typical model for the development of modern coal chemical industry in China in the new era with the joint support of all parties.
Li Shousheng suggested that the relevant departments should seize the opportunity of rising international crude oil prices and arrange several modern coal chemical projects with high quality, scale and benefit. He emphasized that the current new projects of modern coal chemical industry should grasp five principles: First, based on the principle of resource advantages, the project should be located in areas rich in coal resources; Second, the principle of high-end products, we must adhere to the direction of high-end technology and shortage of products; The third is the principle of coal-chemical integration, and the new chemical projects should consider the integration of coal as much as possible; the fourth is the green and low-carbon principle, and a new technological process with high-carbon raw materials and low-carbon emissions should be developed; the fifth is the principle of sustainable development, modern coal chemical industry Hope to have a stable policy environment.
This conference is hosted by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, undertaken by China Chemical Economic and Technological Development Center, and co-organized by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.