Zhejiang Province cancels the safety production license of 76 enterprises of hazardous chemicals

Time:Nov 11,2021
Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Emergency Management Department issued a notice to cancel the safety production licenses of 76 enterprises for hazardous chemicals.
According to the notice, 72 companies including Zhejiang Chuanhua Coating Co., Ltd. have ceased production activities of hazardous chemicals at the original site, and 2 companies including Tonglu Yishun Gas Co., Ltd. have renewed their hazardous chemicals business licenses (with storage operations), Cixi City, Ningbo After the expiration of the license of Tower Coatings Co., Ltd., it was not approved for renewal, and Zhejiang Yunlong Chemical Admixture Co., Ltd. was absorbed and merged. Based on the company's application and the opinions of the local emergency management department, and in accordance with relevant regulations, it was decided to cancel the safety production licenses of 76 companies for hazardous chemicals.